Effective from 1st January 2019

products and services (Products) are sold and supplied by Build 3D  on the following retail terms and conditions of sale. Where applicable, special terms and conditions of sale are specified in Build 3D catalogues, price lists, other marketing literature or verbally.


All business is on a proforma basis unless otherwise agreed. Non-payment by the due date entitles Build 3D to cancel the contract or to suspend deliveries without further notice.  Payment (cleared funds) must be received by Build 3D prior to shipment. Payment can be made by either Credit/ Debit Card, cheque or transfer of funds directly to our bank.

Pricing quoted are valid and will be honored for thirty days unless otherwise noted and subject to change at any time without notice.

Late Payment

By acceptance of this document, Purchaser agrees that if payment is not made according to terms of sale, offer may be cancelled or updated. If item needs to be stored for more than a month storage fees may occur.


 Where Build 3D collects tax where required by law Purchaser must provide Build 3D with valid, properly completed exemption certificate for any tax from which Purchaser claims an exemption (reseller permit acceptable in WA). Purchasers shipping to certain areas where Seller is not required by law to collect from Purchaser may be subject to additional tax and/or duties. It is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser to determine and remit these taxes or other charges where required.


Build 3D  price lists however communicated do not constitute an offer.  All retail prices are inclusive of any applicable value-added tax.

Uncontrollable events and delays

In case of delays caused by circumstances beyond the control of Build 3D or their suppliers, Build 3D shall have the right to either suspend deliveries without notice or cancel the contract without liability.  By way of illustration and not of limitation, the following are to be treated as uncontrollable events: strike, lockout, riot, revolution, mobilisation, war, epidemic, official regulations, transportation difficulties, working difficulties, machine breakdowns, fires, failure of suppliers, or other causes, whether similar or not.

Law of the contract

In the case of legal disputes, the law and the courts of England shall apply.

Customer order conditions

Any provisions of the customer’s order which conflict with, or are in addition to, the retail terms and conditions of sale and conditions of sale or any special terms of business shall be excluded.

Verbal Agreements

Any verbal agreement which does not conform to the present terms, shall not be binding on Build 3D unless it has been confirmed by Build 3D in writing.


Build 3D prices do not include delivery costs.  These will be communicated to you at the time of ordering.

Build 3D does not accept any responsibility for damage to property during delivery due to narrow staircases, small doors or any such other physical difficulty that can be encountered during delivery. 

In the event of damage to product the customer must advise Build 3D of any such damage within 48 hours of delivery.  No claim for damage will be allowed if advice is beyond this time limit.

The Build 3D delivery team only delivers to the ground floor unless goods fit in an available lift.  Extra charges will be applied to cover costs in the event of any complication during the delivery which had not been brought to the attention to the Company prior to the delivery being arranged.

In the case of credit card payments, delivery will be made to the billing address only. Immediately upon delivery please review the shipment for accuracy of materials ordered, including quantity, quality, and color, and for any shipping damage. Contact your sales representative immediately if any problems exist. Purchaser is responsible for additional freight costs associated with shipments en route for: 1) re‐consignment fees for changing delivery address;  2) re‐delivery fees where failed delivery attempts occurred; 3) additional expediting and/or special delivery requirements. Build 3D assumes no liability for direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, lost working time, or any expenses that relate directly or indirectly to variations in delivery dates and times or in the event of a delivery being delayed, postponed or incorrect.

Goods may be returned in exchange for another item(s) or a full refund within 28 days of the purchase date as long as they are returned in perfect, saleable condition and accompanied with a copy of the receipt  and in the original packaging.  consumable items i.e. filaments need to be returned within 14 days.  Please note that items purchased at a discount during sale periods are not returnable.

All non-defective returns will only be accepted for goods that are received by Build 3D  in pristine condition – i.e. undamaged, unmarked and unopened.  The customer is entirely responsible for the return  packaging of such goods.

We undertake special commissions for our customers.  If we are required to modify, adapt or change an item at the specific request of a customer then there can be no return or refund under these circumstances. If an item is imported, procured or manufactured on the specific request of the customer full payment must be made at the time of placing the order and there can be no cancellation or refund.

Product may only be returned to Build 3D after first obtaining Build 3D ’s agreement to do so.

Damaged Goods

Any Product received visibly damaged must be notified, in writing or via email, to Build 3D within 48 hours of receipt.  All such items will be replaced provided the damage was incurred prior to receipt by either the customer or the customer’s carrier. Any damage that is apparent upon delivery must be noted on the freight carrier delivery receipt.


 Build 3D, does not accept responsibility or liability for installation, of any product. Material should be installed by removing all packaging and following the installation directions of each machine. 

Title and risk

Until full payment has been received by Build 3D for all products the property of the Products shall remain that of Build 3D.

Where payment is made by cheque, Build 3D shall not be deemed to have received payment until the cheque has been cleared.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, risk in the Products shall pass to the customer on delivery except where the customer requires a special method of shipment in which case risk shall pass to the Customer when the Products leave Build 3D’s premises.


Build 3D reserves the right to alter or amend these Retail Terms and Conditions of Sale for any particular class of Products or customer