A small group of young scientists created their first company in Europe in 2004. Our  vision is the creation of new materials with advanced properties designed to improve the consumer's everyday life and at  the same time save  energy. Our perseverance, consistency, creativity, and above all Our passion for research and innovation, combined with our development and familiarity of what is known as the know-how on nanotechnology, have gradually led to the development of innovative materials in coatings, paints, varnishes, adhesives, resins and various other surfactants. This is where Build 3D was born.


The team's participation in 14 EU research programs (EU FP7 - Framework Program & H2020 Horizon) and its collaboration through these programs, with the largest European Institutes of Research and Development, with global industrial giants and dozens other small and medium-sized European companies, have established us and established ourselves in the European industrial scene, culminating in our membership in the European Energy Efficiency Building (E2B) as the only European private company to receive this distinction and at the same time the right and the obligation to formulate the European Energy Policy in the field of innovative materials through Private Partnership Programs (PPP).

In 2009, understanding the dynamics of three-dimensional printing and the new field of application and utilization of the innovative materials that we had already developed (and we are continuing to develop), the company joined the International Print Reprap Project under the umbrella of the Open Source Project, while at the same time a large part of our research was geared towards the development of new materials that would serve the unrestricted intellectual property dissemination and development of 3D printing. Since 2010, collaborations have been developed (which continue to date) in collaboration with scientific teams from all around the world to exchange data, information, know-how experiences, control and development of products and materials.


The biggest problem, however, throughout this development of products was our commitment and commitment to the European Community to create "generic" materials (which can be used by the majority of consumers without the commitments and limitations that arise from international copyright laws), coupled with the ever-growing "locking" policy of consumables by major manufacturers.

This philosophy and commitment has led us to the need of testing our developing materials in dozens of OEM printers as well as various manufacturers and technologies to interfere to them both electronically and mechanically to achieve extreme printing conditions to determine the behaviour of our materials in all possible situations.

All this time-consuming and hard effort was rewarded by presenting our first filament manufacturing results in 2015 to the H2020 Horizon European Program with absolute success, not only meeting the objectives of the Program but also gaining the credibility and confidence of our European partners.

Since then we as a team were bold enough, despite the harsh economic conditions in EU, to invest in what we know better than anyone, we have developed new innovative filaments with the use of "clean" raw materials with ecological additives to improve flow, thermoplastics and various other properties. e.g. addition of wood, metal, carbon, photochromic properties, etc.


In 2016, when it was decided to promote our products under the build 3D brand name, we chose to use a modern Facility for the production and control of filament improving additives(that it is necessary to add to the raw material to make the yarn printable) and a final product quality control unit which is equipped with all the necessary modern machinery  to ensure the excellent quality of the final product. We have pioneered Europe as we have redesigned the production process, built new production extruders that minimize air bubbles in production, adopted new innovative ways of cooling after filament extrusion using nitrogen to avoid moisture, and developed a new way of drying using IR spectrum (ultraviolet light) and vacuum.


At the same time, taking advantage of the expertise gained in previous years from using and experimenting with 3D printers, and to limit the extremely time-consuming process of controlling our materials to extreme demands, avoiding the use of multiple printers of various manufacturers, we built a new line of printers by combining properties of various systems, e.g. simultaneous printing of two or more different materials or their possible mixing, in small or large sizes, reaching temperatures up to 420 ° C and at speeds exceeding 600 mm / min.

On the web site you visited - and we thank you in advance for your preference - you will find the largest variety of 3D printers, scanners, 3D pen, consumables and spare parts at guaranteed lower market prices as well as designing and printing services for items you want to print but do not want to invest in buying a printer.

Today, however, the biggest problem faced by the end user comes from the chaotic situation created by ratings, technical reviews, blog posts, and websites by all those who claim to have tested the products and promoting them accordingly. Some of them are real, some are "paid ads" and some other are real and fantastic.

That's why ALL of the products you see on our website have been evaluated and tested by our technical department either in "live" conditions at our company's headquarters or at our supplier’s or manufacturer’s premises in the presence and testimony of our technicians.

Loyal to our values of Reprap and Open Source Projects, as well as our ethical commitment to you, the UK consumer who supports us despite all the difficulties and adversities of the times, we will not hesitate to guide you with multiple choices of products tailored to your needs. we offer our knowledge and opinion on any matter, even if it is against us because:

Our goal is not simply to sell our products but to satisfy our client to build personal relationships of mutual trust and appreciation.

So that we can keep looking at you straight in the eyes...