Purely Greek innovation produces the most advanced PLA material

The PLA Pro+ is a new, biodegradable product 100% constructed from corn starch. It is the proud result of 3Dedge long-term research in various EU founded research programs for the development of innovative materials.

The Pro+ combines the ease of usage and printing effectiveness whist outperforming ABS in durability and mechanical properties. Moreover, it's exceptional density in accordance with perfect flow while printing ensure that it can be printed at three times the speed of regular PLA providing excellent prints even at the most intricate and demanding designs.

The particularly high temperature endurance and the addition of innovative, 100% biodegradable, ultraviolet additions to increase the UV protection of your prints imbue the PLA Pro+ with properties that no other PLA can deliver. The new innovative composition of biodegradable precompressors gives shiny and bright colors to your prints, but also makes PLA PRO + the only PLA that can be easily processed, as you would with ABS after post-processing with the special PLA Smoothner.

No more:

  • Heated printing bed
  • Problems in layer adhesion
  • Prints warping
  • Toxic fumes from the printing material
  • Use bed adhesive
  • Annealing and intensive post-processing

It is suited for any open source filament 3D printer:

  • Any professional/ industrial printing
  • Large volume prints with intricate details
  • Modeling
  • Prototyping
  • Mechanical parts

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You can find the product page here.